Going Mobile with Rambus HCE Ticketing

The Rambus mobile ticketing product suite includes an HCE Ticket Wallet Service and an HCE Ticketing App that enables transport operators to easily and securely transition from physical to virtual smart cards – while maintaining compatibility with existing smart (contactless) transport infrastructure.

The Rambus HCE Ticket Wallet Service provides access to a comprehensive ticketing solution that can be deployed with existing smart transport infrastructure.

The Rambus HCE Ticket Wallet Service is designed to securely create, store and maintain a virtual ticket wallet on passenger smartphones. Point of Service Terminals (POSTs) such as gates and bus Electronic Ticket Machines (ETMs) access the HCE Ticket Wallet as if it were a physical smart card. Put simply, the virtual HCE Ticket Wallet housed on an NFC-enabled smartphone is configured to behave exactly like a standard travel smart card. This allows passengers to conveniently wave or tap their mobile device against ticket machines and gates. In addition, our APIs are made available for third- party developers to facilitate the seamless integration of the Rambus HCE mobile ticketing solution with current or future products.

Designed to complement the above-mentioned Ticket Wallet Service, the Rambus HCE Ticketing App is available as a white label product and is configurable to support third-party branding. The app offers passengers a full mobile ticketing experience by providing payment, ticket fulfillment and self-service/ management features. More specifically, it allows passengers to view the contents of their virtual smart card ticket wallet, add new tickets and load value for travel. In short, our HCE Ticketing App provides transport operators with a complete HCE mobile ticketing solution that enables passengers to access transport ticketing immediately, securely manage their own ticket and conveniently travel.

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