Smart Cards Data Brief

Featuring both contactless, contact and dual interface cards, Rambus smart cards offer banking-level security and flexible ticketing capabilities for both concessionary and commercial ticketing applications, as well as ID and payment applications.

Opal offers class leading performance and data space. It also provides the ability to update applications in the field, without the cost overheads of traditional multi-application card platforms. Finally, its EMV-based application enables a more robust and easily integrated payment product.

Pearl is competitively priced whilst also providing greater application flexibility for ITSO ticket storage. Pearl can be easily configured to provide four times the ticket capacity of a DESFire 8k card. Support for MIFARE legacy applications minimizes the need for infrastructure replacement.

Diamond can be easily configured to provide triple the ITSO ticket capacity of a DESFire 8k card while still supporting EMV payment. With both contact and contactless interface, Diamond provides ticket loading options not previously accessible.

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